Historically, the State of New Jersey has been known for implementing some of the most stringent firearm regulations across the nation. However, following the landmark Supreme Court case on June 23, 2022, titled “New York State Rifle & Pistol Association Inc. v. Bruen,” the requirement of demonstrating a “special need” for obtaining a carry permit was removed. Subsequently, New Jersey has undertaken a deliberate effort to enact new laws and regulations, thereby significantly increasing the complexity and cost associated with obtaining a permit to carry for law-abiding citizens.  Below, you will find a collection of resource links that can aid in your exploration of the pertinent rules, laws, regulations, as well as the organizations who are actively advocating for your Second Amendment rights. 

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NRA Safety Rules
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John Wick Carry Law Article by Evan Nappen Attorney At Law
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CCW Gun Laws at your fingertips.

Whittaker Arms highly recommends bookmarking the USCCA website and downloading the CCW mobile apps below which covers CCW Reciprocity and other firearm laws for every state.  (Whittaker Arms has no affiliation or personal interest in the website or apps).

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