Whittaker Arms has a wide variety of Ammo in stock at all times.  Below is list of some of the Ammo we currently have in stock.  Whittaker Arms can also special order Ammo as-needed.  Contact Us for more information including pricing and special order ammo requests.

HandgunFiocchi Cowboy Action.00250 grain
HandgunAguila.357 Magnum158 grain
HandgunFederalAmerican Eagle.357 Magnum 158 grain
HandgunBlazer Brass.380 Auto95 grain
HandgunPMC Bronze.380 Auto90 grain
HandgunUnknown .380 Auto500 rounds with Can $280
HandgunArmscor.44 Mag240 grain
HandgunPMCBronze.44 Rem Mag180 grain
HandgunRemingtonUMC.44 Rem Mag180 grain
HandgunAguila.45 Colt200 grain
HandgunAguilaCowboy.45 Colt200 grain
HandgunFederalAmerican Eagle.45 Colt225 grain
HandgunFreedom Ammo.454 Casull
HandgunMagtech.454 Casull260 grainJacket Soft Point
HandgunAmscor USA.500 S&W300 grainJacket Hollow Point
HandgunBlazer Brass10mm Auto180 grain
HandgunHornadyCritical Duty10mm Auto175 grain
HandgunFederalChampion FMJ22 WMR40 grain
HandgunPMCBronze25 Auto50 grain
HandgunPMC Bronze32 Auto72 grain
HandgunHornadyCritical Duty40 S&W175 grain
HandgunHornadyCritical Defense40 S&W165 grain
HandgunHornady Custom44 Mag200 grain
HandgunFederalSyntech45 Auto230 grain
HandgunWinchesterUSA Ready45 Auto230 grain
HandgunSellier BellotFMJ45 Auto ACP230 grain
HandgunHornadyCritical Defense45 Colt185 grain
HandgunSpeerGold Dot45 S&W140 grain
HandgunPMCBronze45 S&W
HandgunFederal American Eagle5.7 x 28mm40 grain
HandgunHandgun LinePPU6.62mm TT85 grain
HandgunFiocchiFMJ7.63 Mauser88 grain
HandgunArmscor9mm124 grain
HandgunFederalAmerican Eagle9mm124 grain
HandgunHornadyCritical Duty9mm Luger135 grain
HandgunMagtech9mm Luger147 grain
HandgunMagtechFlat Nose9mm Luger147 grain
HandgunMagtech9mm Luger115 grain
Handgun / RifleAguila Colibri22 LR20 grain
Handgun / RifleArmscorRimfire22 LR30 grain
Handgun / RifleRemington22 Thunderbolt22 LR40 grain
Handgun / RifleCCiTarget22 Short29 grain
RifleWinchesterDeer Season XP.00064 grain
RifleWinchesterDeer Season XP.30-30150 grain
RifleHornady Subsonic.45-70 Govt410 grain
RifleCCiGamepoint 17 HMR20 grainJacket Soft Point
RifleWinchester Varmint LF22 Win Mag25 grain
RifleNoslerBallistic Tip22-250 Rem55 grain
RifleFederalPower-Shok30-30 Win150 grain
RifleWinchester Power Point300 Win. Mag180 grain
RifleWinchesterDeer Season350 Legend145 grain
RifleSelliar & BellotSP6.5 Creedmoor140 grain
RifleWinchesterDeer Season XP6.5 Creedmoor125 grain
RifleBelomAK7.62 AK160 Rounds with Can
RifleHornadySuperformance7mm-08 Rem130 grain
RifleFederalPremium SafariRifle
ShotgunFederalGame load.410 Ga3"
ShotgunRemingtonRifled Slug.410 Ga2-1/2" - Slug
ShotgunSilver BearRifled Slug.410 Ga3" - Slug
ShotgunFederalPremium10 Ga3.5” - 00 Buck
ShotgunRemingtonPremier Magnum 10 Ga3.5” - 4 shot
ShotgunFederalPower Shok12 Ga3” - Slug
ShotgunFederal Premium12 Ga3.75” - 6 Shot
ShotgunHornadyShotgun12 GaSST Slug
ShotgunRemington Pheasant Load12 Ga2-3/4” - 5 shot
ShotgunAguilaMinishells12 Ga 1-3/4” - Buck
ShotgunKent Bismuth Turkey12 Ga 3.5”
ShotgunWinchester Double X Deer12 Ga 3.5" - 00 Buck
ShotgunFederalUpland16 Ga2.75” - 4 shot
ShotgunAguila1B Shot Shell16 Ga 2-1/4” - Buck
ShotgunKent Bismuth Turkey20 Ga3” - 5 shot
ShotgunWinchesterAA Target Load20 Ga2.75” - 9 shot
ShotgunFederalPower Shok Rifle270 Win150 grain
ShotgunFederalPower Shok Rifle300 Win Mag180 grain
ShotgunWinchesterDryLok Super Steel12 Ga3-1/2" 1 9/16oz BBB
ShotgunWinchesterDouble X Magnum12 Ga2-3/4" - 6 shot1300 FPS Turkey Load
ShotgunWinchesterSupreme Double X12 Ga3.5" - 6 ShotMagnum Turkey Load
ShotgunWinchesterSupreme Double X10 Ga3.5" - 5 ShotTurkey Load
ShotgunFederalPremium10 Ga3.5" - 5 & 6 Shot
ShotgunWinchesterPartition Gold12 Ga3" Sabot Slug1725 FPS & 1850 FPS
ShotgunWinchesterDual Bond Elite12 Ga3" Sabot SlugDeer
ShotgunWinchesterSilver X BRI Sabot Slug12 Ga3-3/4"1 oz 1350 FPS
ShotgunFederalBlackcloud FS Steel12 Ga3" 1.25 oz 1450 FPS
ShotgunRemingtonAccutTip Bonded Sabot Slug12 Ga3" 1900 FPS
ShotgunRemingtonAccutTip Bonded Sabot Slug12 Ga2-3/4"1850 FPS
ShotgunLightfieldHybrid Elite Sabot Slug12 Ga3"1730 FPS
ShotgunLightfieldCommander IDS Plus12 Ga3-1/2"Heavy Game
ShotgunKentUltimate Diamond Shot20 Ga3" - 6 Shot1300 FPS
ShotgunKentFasteel 2.012 Ga3" 1-1/4ozBB 1500 FPS
ShotgunFederalGrand Slam12 Ga3-1/2" - 2oz 4 Shot1200 FPS
ShotgunFederalHibird12 Ga2-3/4" - 1.5 oz 6 Shot1330 FPS