Welcome to Whittaker Arms

Entrance to Whittaker Arms Gun Shop.

Whittaker Arms is a New Jersey based Firearms dealer that provides expert advice on purchasing, owning, and maintaining firearms. 

Having a collectible interest in World War II period specific guns James Whittaker Jr. opened Whittaker Arms in 2005.  Whittaker Arms quickly grew and began serving the Law Enforcement Community and soon after began serving the general public.  The fast growth and success can be attributed to the staff’s wide array of knowledge and attentive customer service. Our shop offers a personal one-on-one purchasing experience which caters to gun enthusiasts of all levels of experience.

Whittaker Arms purchases unwanted firearms and estate sales and will also sell your firearms for you on consignment.  Whittaker Arms also offers a wide selection of firearms accessories to customize or upgrade your firearm and ammo so you can hit the range or stock up on for your next hunting trip.

Whittaker Arms specializes in surplus military rifles, modern sporting rifles, firearms for hunting, and handguns. We also carry a full range of ammunition and accessories.  Whittaker Arms also offers Gunsmithing services to make your firearm NJ Compliant, or to assist with your firearm repairs, customizations and upgrades.

In order for Whittaker Arms to provide the ultimate customer service experience to all of our customers, Whittaker Arms is an “Appointment Only” business.  This allows us to provide you with 100% of our attention when you are in the shop.  

Whether you are a new / inexperienced firearm owner purchasing your first firearm or an experienced firearm owner looking to add a firearm to your collection, Whittaker Arms is your one-stop shop firearms dealer of choice!

Whittaker Arms Gun Shop wall of Firearms

One of the Wall of Guns in Whittaker Arms Gun Shop.

Jim & Mike Bear Hunting

Jim & Mike with their little buddy on a Bear hunt.

Whittaker Arms is owned and operated by USMC Vet and retired NJSP, James Whittaker Jr.  Jim is also an Investigator for NJ MVC and is a Certified Police Training Commission Firearms Instructor, a Certified NRA Pistol Instructor and a Certified NRA Range Safety Officer.

Assisting Jim in the Gun Shop is the very capable Mike Moore.  Mike started his career in the firearm world appraising and pricing antique firearms before he graduated high school and worked his way up to managing our shop at a high level. Mike is also an experienced hunter and among his many adventures has hunted Alligators in the Everglades, Sea Ducks in Massachusetts, Tundra Swans in North Carolina, and Javelina/Wild Boar in the Western US just to name a few highlights.

NJ CCW Qualifications

Sean Dawson, firerms instructor at a CCW Qualifications.

CCW Training & Qualifications 

Whittaker Arms is now offering CCW training courses / qualifications.  Due to the United States Supreme Court’s landmark decision, New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen (NYSRPA II v. Bruen) which ruled that the ability to carry a pistol in public without having to “demonstrate a special need for self-protection” is a constitutional right under the Second Amendment.  Whittaker Arms CCW Instruction & Certification is provided by Retired NJ State Police Firearm Instructors.  For more information about our CCW Training & Qualifications, please click on the button below.

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