An FFL transfer is the change in possession of a firearm from a Federal Firearm Licensee (FFL) to another FFL holder or to a customer.  Under federal law, specifically the Gun Control Act, an FFL transfer is necessary whenever a firearm is purchased from an FFL or when a firearm is shipped to someone else across state lines.  In addition, New Jersey requires that all changes in possession/ownership of firearms be conducted through an FFL and therefore a transfer is also necessary. 

FFL Transfers are required in the following situations:

  • You purchase a firearm from a private party individual;
  • You purchase a firearm in person at an out of state licensed gun shop or show;
  • You purchase a firearm from an online shop;
  • Direct transfer of firearm for any individuals who are not immediate family members*

* Immediate Family is defined as spouse, domestic partner, partner in a civil union couple, parent, stepparent, grandparent, sibling, step-sibling, child, stepchild, and grandchild, as related by blood or by law as per New Jersey law 2C:58-3n. 

Whittaker Arms FFL Transfer Service

Need to transfer a firearm, Whittaker Arms is here to help.  In order to transfer a firearm to Whittaker Arms you must have the following items listed below before you can begin the process.

1) You must be New Jersey Resident.
2) Your NJ FID card (firearm’s ID card) must have the same address as your drivers license.
3) If you are transferring a pistol, you must have an active pistol purchase permit.

Steps to Transfer a Firearm:

1 – Confirm your Documents are Current
Your NJ FID (Firearms ID card) card must be up to date with your current address. Your Driver License cannot be expired and must be up to date with your current address. Handgun Permits (both paper and electronic) must not be expired.  If you have the above items confirmed please proceed to step 2.

2 – Contact Us to Setup Your Transfer
When you know when and where you are going to purchase your firearm, you can contact us at 609-432-2367 or 856-982-2840 to begin the transfer process. Some FFL dealers may ask for a copy of our license prior to your purchase while others may ask for it after your order is placed.

3 – Purchase Your Firearm!
Always Start with Whittaker Arms which has the best selection of New and Used firearms in South Jersey! Also, finding your firearm directly from Whittaker Arms will remove the FFL transfer process and save you some money.  For our current inventory, give us a call at: 609-432-2367 or 856-982-2840.

If you find a firearm elsewhere, it must be shipped from a licensed FFL dealer and you must ensure that the firearm is New Jersey compliant or can be made compliant before making your purchase.

Long guns must meet state requirements prior to transferring them over. If we need to make a firearm compliant “pin stocks and muzzle brakes” there will be additional fees involved.  In addition, magazines for both long guns and pistols are limited to 10 rounds maximum.

Paying for a firearm only to find out it is not acceptable in New Jersey will cost you additional shipping and processing fees!

4- Pick Up Your Firearm
Just because the tracking information says your firearm was delivered to Whittaker Arms does not mean it is ready to be picked up.  A NICS check as well as any necessary compliance work will be required prior to your firearm being ready to be picked up.  Once Whittaker Arms receives your firearm, you will receive a phone call or text notification regarding your firearm pickup status.

Please make sure you follow the steps above to ensure an easy firearm transfer!


Transfer Fees are: $65 which includes the NICS fee.


Should you need to ship a Firearm to a different FFL please call us at: 609-432-2367 or 856-982-2840 and we can help set everything up for you.

A quote for the Transfer & Shipping Costs can be provided upon request.


For All Compliance Work related questions or to receive a quote, please call: 609-432-2367 or 856-982-2840.